Messy Me – Lifetime Struggle

A messy desk, messy kitchen, messy workroom, the messy nightstand is nothing unusual about my home. I was never that way at my place of work, messy. I just like too many things, perhaps, reading (hence the books pile up everywhere), crocheting (I am learning Amigurumi crochet), my plants now brought in from my gardens.Continue reading “Messy Me – Lifetime Struggle”

Chasing the Rabbit

I got up early.I have a lot to do.I made plans in my head when I was sleeping.So many things on my mind.Most things just petty.Most insignificant really, just important to me.A minor challenge let’s just say, was consuming me. I want to have things, but there are some things I need first.Sometimes I haveContinue reading “Chasing the Rabbit”

Does Customer Service Matter Anymore?

I sold something using one of the venues on the internet but didn’t get my payment. Bummer. I did everything (I thought) right and shipped on time, etc. It was not a big sale but that is not the point. I expected something to happen if I did something correctly and in a timely manner.Continue reading “Does Customer Service Matter Anymore?”

Someone Better Tell Them

All my life I have been called direct, which can come across as being harsh or rude. I am trying to be more patient, peaceful, quieter in my spoken word. I catch myself covering my mouth and walking away at least in apologetic reform when I catch things in time. Learning….growing…never ends even when youContinue reading “Someone Better Tell Them”

Don’t Push Start Until You are Ready

I’m wondering why this is taking so long. I feel like I am in slow motion.I know what I want to accomplish in part,but not sure the tools I need to get started. I feel like I have a handicap somehow.Yet I am not so sure what that is that still keeps me back.It’s asContinue reading “Don’t Push Start Until You are Ready”