The Right Attitude Goes a Long Way

Sometimes I have to start my day by just asking God to help me have the right attitude. It does not always come easy for me and I don’t want to make any more enemies than I do have. I don’t want to lose friends but most importantly, I don’t want to let the GodContinue reading “The Right Attitude Goes a Long Way”

Courage Isn’t Fearless

Courage walks alone.It does not hide behind groups or cliques or gangs. Courage speaks it’s own mind, not mimicking others.Some may follow and be inspired, but only it’s convictions,guide a person of courage. Courage is not boisterous or obnoxious to gather attention to itself.It does one small act, to hold fast the ground it lovesContinue reading “Courage Isn’t Fearless”

It’s Just Around the Corner

Don’t quit, don’t stop, don’t throw in the towel just yet.That thing you want is soon to come your way.It’s just around the corner. I know you’re tired, burnt out, it’s hard to stay enthused.Another go at it and you may be surprised what you find.It’s just around the corner. Make no excuses, forget yourContinue reading “It’s Just Around the Corner”

Is Reliable Hard to Find?

You said you would….but you didn’t. You said you could….but you can’t. You said you will….but I’m still waiting. You said you did….but you didn’t. You said, call me when…..but it made no difference. You said, maybe tomorrow….but tomorrow never comes. You said, I forgot…..which is becoming more frequent. You said, when I can affordContinue reading “Is Reliable Hard to Find?”

I Can’t Be Micro Managed.

I think I decided a long time ago…although, maybe it wasn’t even a decision but more of how I am made. I think the Creator makes people who are followers and those that can take on a project and just run with it. He makes us with many gifts or few, but we all haveContinue reading “I Can’t Be Micro Managed.”