Why am I Reading the Obituaries?

My goodness, have you ever found yourself reading these notices of loved ones who died? What brings me to this place? Well, recently I heard of my second cousin passing. We were close as children and I had not seen him since a family reunion just three years ago. No one called or wrote orContinue reading “Why am I Reading the Obituaries?”

Today I did THIS

Today I did THIS: I wrote eight Christmas cards complete with notes inside, not just well wishes for the holiday and then my signature. I mailed my sister her birthday gift, although late, it was a handmade tote and I had to make some adjustments to it from the original, which would have been sentContinue reading “Today I did THIS”

Wide Awake too Early

I lay in bed thinking about stuff far too long in the wee early hours of the morning.“Why can’t I just fall back to sleep?” I ask myself. “Cast all your cares on him.” I remind myself from scripture verses put to memory. Alright, I will at least get up and empty my bladder. MaybeContinue reading “Wide Awake too Early”

Loosening my Strings

I gave up my store and my plans I thought were important.I simplified my website to the barest of the minimum I need now.It’s time to accept that I am supposed to live casually, live easy, live more slowly.No guilt, no strings, no regret, just play each day and see what happens. I have nothingContinue reading “Loosening my Strings”

Nobody Home – Invisible

I know I am not rejected. I know it is just part of getting older. Is anyone home to take my call or answer my email? I have heard it from so many who are elderly in nursing homes when I worked there. Their sad faces could tell the story. Loved ones long gone andContinue reading “Nobody Home – Invisible”