The Life of a Peanut Butter Jar

Are you obsessively frugal.? Do you just throw something away for the sake of getting rid of it? Do you put much thought into how many things we add to our landfills each and every day? Do you actually enjoy seeing how far a thing can be used over again, after it’s original purpose hasContinue reading “The Life of a Peanut Butter Jar”

Pianos Bittersweet Memories… Replaced Again….and the Music Lives ON

Play your piano with the window open and don’t be shy. You would be surprised how many people walking by would love to hear you no matter what level of skill you have. Imagine yourself a concert pianist and one day you may be closer than you are today even if not your goal.

Dressing “UP”….YUCK! Do I HAVE TO?

I never liked to shop. I don’t have the confidence or talent or creative mind it takes to put an outfit together. My daughter used to tell me I dressed too much like a grandma. I’ve been told I dress too baggy for the nice shape I have. I am a modest dresser, I admit.Continue reading “Dressing “UP”….YUCK! Do I HAVE TO?”