Why am I Reading the Obituaries?

My goodness, have you ever found yourself reading these notices of loved ones who died? What brings me to this place? Well, recently I heard of my second cousin passing. We were close as children and I had not seen him since a family reunion just three years ago. No one called or wrote orContinue reading “Why am I Reading the Obituaries?”

Nobody Home – Invisible

I know I am not rejected. I know it is just part of getting older. Is anyone home to take my call or answer my email? I have heard it from so many who are elderly in nursing homes when I worked there. Their sad faces could tell the story. Loved ones long gone andContinue reading “Nobody Home – Invisible”

Tell Me What I Did…Hanging on to Hope

Round and round it goes again, these thoughts twirling in my head.Do I write, do I call, should I send a gift, or unannounced, just drop in?Should I set my hopes aside and think of others at this time…even if it means forever? This may be the life I must now live, in this lifetimeContinue reading “Tell Me What I Did…Hanging on to Hope”

Unexpected….Just in Time

I went to read a post titled “Troubled” . It was a young woman’s exerpt about looking for love and worried if she would ever find true love. I could not reply to her as she did not allow comments. As she was left feeling hopeless, I thought others might also be in this toughContinue reading “Unexpected….Just in Time”