Messy Me – Lifetime Struggle

A messy desk, messy kitchen, messy workroom, the messy nightstand is nothing unusual about my home. I was never that way at my place of work, messy. I just like too many things, perhaps, reading (hence the books pile up everywhere), crocheting (I am learning Amigurumi crochet), my plants now brought in from my gardens.Continue reading “Messy Me – Lifetime Struggle”

What Good is a Tool ? They are only as good as the user.

There are so many tools we can use to help us with just about anything around the home or office. I found Sticky Notes on my computer! My husband always talked about sticky notes he used to use at work.He is a list maker, so go figure. Me, it is all in my head. ItContinue reading “What Good is a Tool ? They are only as good as the user.”

Is Your Basket Half Full?

On your marks, get set….. The attitude we have before we approach something has a lot to do with the outcome that we will receive. Do you attack the small tasks the same way you do a large project? Which one excites you more? Which one causes the most anxiety? Do you think if youContinue reading “Is Your Basket Half Full?”