Loosening my Strings

I gave up my store and my plans I thought were important.I simplified my website to the barest of the minimum I need now.It’s time to accept that I am supposed to live casually, live easy, live more slowly.No guilt, no strings, no regret, just play each day and see what happens. I have nothingContinue reading “Loosening my Strings”

BOOYA for Thanksgiving

I like it when something that is generally routine, can be done differently. I thought I would surprise the family this year at Thanksgiving with some of my Booya, as an addition to the meal. I never put peas in mine or corn! The featured photo is not my own and is of a vegetableContinue reading “BOOYA for Thanksgiving”

Influence – What we Leave Behind

My husband and I enjoy visiting graveyards when we visit small towns in America. We think about the historical markers and the lives that were lived and what things might have been like. Living in those times gone by, I realize, how hard some things must have been. I find, in some ways, how luckyContinue reading “Influence – What we Leave Behind”

Fruity Treats-What Kids Throw Out Birds May Like

I am trying something new today with the birds which I thought of while cleaning my kitchen. Having children over to babysit is so much fun but what a mess we make. I say we because I allow it as long as the clean-up is shared. I found some apples and sections of oranges thatContinue reading “Fruity Treats-What Kids Throw Out Birds May Like”

Chasing the Rabbit

I got up early.I have a lot to do.I made plans in my head when I was sleeping.So many things on my mind.Most things just petty.Most insignificant really, just important to me.A minor challenge let’s just say, was consuming me. I want to have things, but there are some things I need first.Sometimes I haveContinue reading “Chasing the Rabbit”