The Right Attitude Goes a Long Way

Sometimes I have to start my day by just asking God to help me have the right attitude. It does not always come easy for me and I don’t want to make any more enemies than I do have. I don’t want to lose friends but most importantly, I don’t want to let the GodContinue reading “The Right Attitude Goes a Long Way”

I Can’t Be Micro Managed.

I think I decided a long time ago…although, maybe it wasn’t even a decision but more of how I am made. I think the Creator makes people who are followers and those that can take on a project and just run with it. He makes us with many gifts or few, but we all haveContinue reading “I Can’t Be Micro Managed.”

The Dread of Leaving on Vacation

I don’t know why but I always feel this heaviness in my heart when I have to get ready to leave on vacation. Even if it is just for a long weekend and just a couple hours away. I am comfortable to just stay home. I have my gardens here, my piano and my sewingContinue reading “The Dread of Leaving on Vacation”

Dressing “UP”….YUCK! Do I HAVE TO?

I never liked to shop. I don’t have the confidence or talent or creative mind it takes to put an outfit together. My daughter used to tell me I dressed too much like a grandma. I’ve been told I dress too baggy for the nice shape I have. I am a modest dresser, I admit.Continue reading “Dressing “UP”….YUCK! Do I HAVE TO?”