Messy Me – Lifetime Struggle

A messy desk, messy kitchen, messy workroom, the messy nightstand is nothing unusual about my home. I was never that way at my place of work, messy. I just like too many things, perhaps, reading (hence the books pile up everywhere), crocheting (I am learning Amigurumi crochet), my plants now brought in from my gardens.Continue reading “Messy Me – Lifetime Struggle”

Chasing the Rabbit

I got up early.I have a lot to do.I made plans in my head when I was sleeping.So many things on my mind.Most things just petty.Most insignificant really, just important to me.A minor challenge let’s just say, was consuming me. I want to have things, but there are some things I need first.Sometimes I haveContinue reading “Chasing the Rabbit”