An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

Have you ever accidentally knocked over an anthill that seemed to be growing in the middle of your child’s sandbox. You both enjoyed watching the critters scamper to rebuild, piece by piece. They would carry sand crystals twice or three times the size of their body and crawl it quickly into the opening of theContinue reading “An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You”

Ask the Giver of all Things

Dear Lord Jesus, Give me a little hope and encouragement, for our uncertain future in the times we live. Give me courage and strength, to stand up against evil, even when it isn’t popular to do so. Give me a little wisdom, to answer hard questions, not welcomed, but may save a life. Give meContinue reading “Ask the Giver of all Things”

Does God Accuse Us?

After the opening prayer on our church website, August 23, Sunday, it was hard to watch any further. The opening was condemning, shaming, berating and had false information about God himself. One section read’ “Today we confess that we are not worthy of your Love and ask that you would forgive the sin of everyContinue reading “Does God Accuse Us?”

Unexpected….Just in Time

I went to read a post titled “Troubled” . It was a young woman’s exerpt about looking for love and worried if she would ever find true love. I could not reply to her as she did not allow comments. As she was left feeling hopeless, I thought others might also be in this toughContinue reading “Unexpected….Just in Time”