Love Note for Forgiveness

NO MATTER THE REASONNO MATTER THE WHONO MATTER THE WHENNO MATTER THE WHYNO MATTER THE FEELINGSNO MATTER THE PAINNO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES TO FORGIVE… It grieves me to not see you.You must know I still love you.Please know that I care.Know I wish that I would have been thereWhen you expected much moreContinue reading “Love Note for Forgiveness”

I Wanted Another Mother as she Stroked My Hair

“I wish you could be my mom.” I said as I sat on June’s lap. June (not her real name), was my favorite visitor when the neighbor ladies would gather for coffee clutching, as they called this social time. Most women stayed home and didn’t work outside of the home then. These mom’s would takeContinue reading “I Wanted Another Mother as she Stroked My Hair”